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    • Hey, thanks for the second review. I'm pleased to see your obviously enjoying yourself and I appreciate the extra time/effort of writing the review but review extensions are limited to once per cheat. You can submit videos and get a free week extension (unlimited submits as well :))
    • After 2 month using CS:GO hacks without aimbot, I recommend trying out this hack! Features the hack bring us ESP - 10/10 Radar - 9/10 Awesome feature, I don't used it a lot cause I already have the glow. Would be very useful for far tracking players though. Trigger - 10/10 I used a lot and nobody ever suspect a thing, set it on 4 and works really good Misc - 8/10 I usually turn this on when I play with the awp or scout. But when I am using other guns, this crosshair overlaps with the original csgo crosshair which is quite annoying considering that it isn't aligned. Colours - 10/10  You can customize esp, glow, crosshair  Glow - 10/10  The glow is very accurate i love that it gives you the info when you are close to them so it feels more "undetectable" and its a surprise for everyone
    • Hey man, thank you for the review. I've added 4 days to your subscription
    • I don' know where to start i have gone to so many website trying to find a good tf2 hack and it would either be good but you would get ban or bad but undetected i at first was scared to buy from drhacks because it was my first time but i sucked it up after trying so many other websites and i gotta say this hack is worth 3 times the asking price its undetected its has an amazing menu to customize every little thing and not to mention its a 10/10 aim bot with the most amazing prediction i every seen i use grenadier weapons right now i can kick ass with a soft ball or an smr   not to mention they give u so many different load outs i gotta say hope you guys develop more hacks because this website is going in my top 10 bookmarks keep up the great work.
    • I want it back too, we're working on it.

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